Fueling Designer

My name is Mike Wu.  I graduated from ITT Technical Institute of San Diego in 1996 in computer aided design and drafting.  My first job was in the Civil Engineering field.  I was a drafter.  As years gone by I went to work for a Petroleum Company in Upland California which they dealt with EVR Phase II systems for gas stations.  From there I learned about gas stations and EVR systems.  I left that company a year later to go and work for another Petroleum Contractor in the North Hollywood area.  There I learned more about how a gas station works.  I learned about all the components that is in a UST Tank. I was their designer and their permit specialist.  I worked there for a year also until work slowed down a bit.   I went to go work for myself consulting for more than 50 petroleum contractors in the petroleum field.  I have worked on projects from San Diego to San Francisco.  I have learned a great deal. I started learning about other kinds of fueling stations that require above ground storage tanks called AST’s. From there I began working on projects for Government agencies, Military, Family gas stations, and all name brand gas stations like Chevron, Valero, Union 76, Sinclair, Shell and Texaco.  I also have done work in the aviation field fueling Helicopters, Jets, and Airliners.  I have done several marinas’ on floating docks for the Navy and for City owned marina’s in the Southern California Area.  Throughout the years I have pushed myself to the limit taking on projects after projects.  So far I have permitted over 5,000 fueling stations across California and in other states nationwide.

I then went to work for another Petroleum Company in the Northern California area that had dealt with full design build projects for Hospitals and Data Centers.  I was there for 3 years.  I learned about a generator fueling system and how it was constructed.  From there I learned more about piping and how things are built in the real world rather than designing it on a computer.  I had also gotten into some heavy 3D renderings called BIM Modeling.  I have modeled a lot of huge systems that goes up 15 floors to generators and boilers for a hospital in San Francisco. I have even modeled 2 complete UST’s with all the components inside it.

Let me help you with your next project.  I will do a good job on it.  Check out my portfolio and see the quality of my work.  I have known to get first plan check approval on the first try.  If I don’t, I will stick on it till it is permitted and you’re ready for construction.  If you need a good contractor to do the work, please let me know.  I only deal business with the best.